Sunday, September 21, 2008

We got the Beat(s)

Happy (insert day of week here) everyone. Hope you all are having an exciting and fun filled weekend. Today we are going to take a peek at new designer on the block Dice Beattie's shop Beats by Dice Beattie. He just opened his shop last week so it is a very new store. The items range from pants suits, short and long dresses and even a Swirly inspired bathing suit! As you can expect the Swirly bathing suit is of course pink. The store if full of brightly colored clothes and some even have a little retro feel. Take for instance this Dakota Dress...

Okay so maybe the way I dress made it look a little more retro. The dress comes complete with the gloves and matching leggings. Not that you can see this but I paired it with a great pair of white pair of boots for this total gogo look. The next dress I chose was the Lemon and Lime dress.

See what I mean about the bright colors? This like the other dress comes with gloves to match the green accents in the dress. Oh before I forget both dresses make use of the system skirt so you may need to tweak your shape a bit to get just the right fit. I hope to see more better and better things in these vibrant colors from Dace over time.

Bright credits for your dull night.
Photo One
Dress:Beats by Dice Beattie Dakota Dress
skin:La Sylphide Erin Tan dark pink
hair:*Truth* Deanne

Photo Two
Dress:Beats by Dice Beattie Lemon and Lime Dress
Skin:La Sylphide Erin Tan dark pink
Hair:*Truth* Trisha

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