Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tuesdays in the hoodie!

I think my post titles are getting cheesier and cheesier as I age. Yeah I will let you ponder that for a second. Done? Okay onto today's hoodie. I will be the first to admit that this one man not keep you as warm as yesterdays hoodie, but hey sometimes a girl wants something a little sexy.

This little half hoodie from Nyte'N'Day lets you show off the girls without them being full on display. And hey the under bewb cleavage needs love too. Alright maybe I just made up the whole under bewb cleavage thing, but you have to admit it works right? I haven't completely lost it have I? Oh well either way, this hoodie comes with a prim hood and little matching green ties. Take a look.

Today's hoodtastic credits!
hoodie: Nyte'N'Day Half Hoodie Green
jeans: [Decoy] Genesis 10 jeans- midnight
skin: LF Chai Envy Freckle in nutmeg
hair: Calla Lotus in cherry wood
lashes: Insolence Lula medium

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