Monday, September 29, 2008

Sweaters and scarves are all the rage this season

Of course this season is Autumn, but I digress. Hey it's Monday how about a little Sn@tch? I couldn't help myself, but really I am going to show you a little something from Sn@tch today, the lovely Cashmere Sweaters, though thanks to the notecard Ivey sent out to...I wanna say the subscribo group the will always be known as the "Cuntry Club" sweaters to me.

Do I look all sorts of posh and like I have a stick firmly planted up my arse? Well the posh part may be do to the fact that I am using the fantabulous new Red Carpet Diva poses from [LAP]. Oh how I love these poses. I mean really who doesn't want to have that red carpet moment even if it just tossing back a few with the ladies at the club? I should tell you more about the sweaters huh?

Right so it comes with this texture changing scarf, argyles, stripes, polka dots, you got them all and in various colors. Not to mention the 10, yeah you head me 10 sweaters in all the basic colors a girl could need. Well except for white, but Ivey has you covered with the current in store freebie. Well what are you waiting for, go get into your luxury cars and head on over to Sn@tch.

Oh fine here are you damned credits *someone get me a drink!*
sweater and scarf- Sn@tch Cashmere sweater (comes with texture change scarf)
jeans [Decoy] Genesis 10- black
hair- Magika Nahla- hazel
skin- La Sylphide Erin Tan cocoa
shoes- Lassitude& Ennui Black Leather ankle boots
poses: [LAP] Red Carpet Diva

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