Monday, September 15, 2008

!* Rebel -X- *! LIQUID FLOWER

The moment I heard that Rouge Darcy, owner of Rebel Xtravaganza, was going to be involved in the Passions of the Black Swan event I was so excited to see what she would make.

Rouge's Offering for the event is "Liquid Flower", an amazing set featuring sculpted pieces, legwarmers, a pouch backpack with particles, and hood with hair. The set is available in 3 colors Black Sea (worn by Sakura), Black Peach (worn by Phire), and Black Purple (not shown)

I am a HUGE fan of her adorable backpacks and was very happy to see that her amazing offering "Liquid Flower" includes the most adorable pouch backpack. The addition of this to the set made me feel like one of those super cute girls from most RPG's and I really wanted to go run around with a Gigantic Sword or some odd little creature who would do my attacks for me ....ok sorry ^^: dork moment over...ahem yes...

The set includes lots of sculpted options too. The sleeves, bottom of the shirt, neck of the shirt all add to the awesomeness of this set. The One of my favorite parts of the whole set is the hood. Four hair colors are included plus a hood without the hair. Rouge has outdone herself on this set!

The Liquid Flower set is currently only available at the Passion of the Black Swan Event that lasts until September 30th. Run to grab these and check out the other amazing outfits available from many of SL's incredibly talented designers!


outfit: * Rebel -X- *! Liquid Flower [Black/Peach](shown with hood with Peach hair), Liquid Flower [Black/Sea](shown with hood with Sea hair)

Outfits are only available at The Event but be sure to visit the mainstore too and check out Rouge's other items!
REBEL X Mainstore: * Rebel -X- *!

skin: (On Phire) LF Chai Envy Freckle
(On Sakura)skin: *REDGRAVE* Pale SKin 07 -Hana-

shoes: (On Phire)ShinyThings ballet flat - black
(On Sakura) shoes: shoes: TRUTH Mina Flats [darkside]

Location for Photo shoot: Botanical at Straylight

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