Sunday, September 21, 2008

Phire's multiple personalities

Last weekend House of Heart released three new designs, Fairytale, Miranda and Amber. Each is a completely different style and with that in mind I decided to show you three different looks featuring these hair styles.

First up is my sweet and innocent side.

Fairytale is a very appropriate name for this hair. The cascade of curls accented by the bow just brings to mind stories of princesses awaiting their handsome prince. Silly girls didn't know they could go out and find them on their own.

This hair would be great for role playing, or just for those days when you want to bring out your inner princess. I know you girls all have one, no matter how much you may try to suppress her!

Alright fine so maybe you don't want to be a princess, how about a rock star? Or at the very least a really bad karaoke singer.

The Miranda hair with it's fullness and curls made me want to throw on some tight pants and rock out to all the 80's songs I could.

I of course needed to go with an wild color because nothing says "I want to rebel, but not permanently" then a not your average hair color color. Did that make sense at all?

Finally my third personality is the shy intellectual sort. You know the kind that hangs out at a coffee house reading or some such thing. The Amber hair seemed to fit this studious look well with the hair pulled back out of your eyes, but still leaving just enough down to hide yourself when those shy moments come on.

No curls in the back of this straight style, but really a shrinking violet would never want curls, as they may draw attention to her. Instead she opts for a soft little bun-like thing.

Now go off and explore your personalities at HoH because as always the demos are free and there is a new release gift where you can try all these style in one color for free!'s as easy as that.

Smarty Rocker princess credits
Innocent look
dress: The Dollhouse at LVS&Co Phoebes Love- green
hair: HoH Fairytale in Mahogany
skin: Fleur Strawberry Deux Parfait 3
shoes: Maitreya ChiChi pumps- white

Rocker Look
Clothes: Sn@tch Slick Latex and Sarees
Hair: HoH Miranda in Blurple
Skin: La Sylphide Erin light smoky fuschia
Shoes: [LP] Hya boots in Grimace (Axis Mundi exclusive color should be released today if not pester Sakura)

Studious look
Clothes: CKSD Amarantine Ivy League pack (other pieces to the set not shown)
Hair: HoH Amber in Natural Blond
Skin: La Sylphide Erin Light soft pink
Shoes: shinythings Mary Geos- brown
Glasses: primOptics glasses Celeste glasses

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