Saturday, September 27, 2008

M&R Plush

M&R Cupcakes, a collaboration between Rosemary Galbraith and Mimi Coral, makes some of the most lovely skins available in SL. My favorite of these skins is the Plush line. The lips on these skins are amazing! The make ups on every face is very soft and beautiful. Today I'm showing you the Apricot Tone, tomorrow I shall show you my absolute favorite of the line though.

M&R Cupcakes Plush Apricot Body

As you can see the shading on the body is lovely and soft, very feminine. Nothing over the top. Adorable belly button on these skins too! My favorite thing about these skins is the freckles on the body. Each skin comes in normal and freckled version. The freckles are soft and light and scattered all over the body. So incredibly cute!

*M&R Plush - Apricot Cateyes, Apricot Cateyes/Ruby Lips, Apricot Dusk, Apricot Electric

*M&R Plush - Apricot Fresh, Apricot Glammed, Apricot Natural

*M&R Plush - Apricot Pewter, Apricot Polarity, Apricot Soft

There are 10 makeups available in the set. Each make up is beautifully done. Soft lips, lovely eyes, I love the ones with the slight blush to the cheeks. I really like the shading under the bottom lip too, gives a nice pouting look to these skins.

A new skin line is expected to be released this weekend so keep your eyes peeled. Also, if you aren't already in the group, open a slot and join the <3 Cupcakes Update Group! (You may have to search it as Cupcakes Update Group because SL is wonky and I couldn't get it it show up under the normal name when I went to double check it) There is a $250 ld enrollment fee but it is so incredibly worth it. Mimi and Rosemary are extremely generous to their group members and you will NOT be disappointed. They often give out Group Exclusive Skins!

Please remember to click the photos for a closer look or better yet take your bunns to the shop for demos and try them out for yourself!!

Skin: *M&R Cupcakes Plush Apricot
Ears:Illusions *~*Mystic Ears: Elfin/Naturals
Hair::TRUTH Antonia - Black
Lingerie: artillerideanna lingerie *cherry black*

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