Friday, September 26, 2008

Lazy Places New Release and New Build!

It's been about two months since I've posted an update for my shop but it's been for good reason! We have been busy with NEW Digi leg hoof and paw boots in lots of colors and a brand new store build! This post will be wordy and full of photos, you have all been warned, no whining or complaining :p

Cloud Hya Cloven & Katatonik

Meadow Hya Equine & Silent Sparrow

Crimson Synth & Draconic Kiss

Now for the new stuff! Following behind the success of our Ungulate and Prowler boots and many requests to see our digi boots in colors, we bring you the all new belted Hya and Synth boots. Hya is available in both Equine hooves and Cloven and Synth is Paw shaped. Each features a sleek, clean new design and have resizer scripts for easy fitting and each have prints that can be turned on or off. Lovely hoof Digi style boots great for any Faun, Satyr, Pony girl, furry, neko, dog girls, get the idea ^_^ Each boot is available in your choice of 7 colors and are available in a discounted Fatpack, it's like getting one pair free ^_^
For anyone wondering these new boots were named after hyasynth Tiramisu of ~silentsparrow~ These boots look lovely with many of hya's designs and also those of Katatonik and Draconic Kiss! These are great boots for everyone from Lolita's to Urban Nekos and are Unisex. ^_^

Phire, Sakuradawn, Achariya Axis Mundi Exclusive

Speaking of Katatonik, some of you already know this, we where graced with an invite to join the incredible group of designers at the Axis Mundi Sim, home of Katatonik and Stomp Lightly. We are honored to be among such talent and hope you will visit our little shop there. We have a small sampling of our items there and will always carry the fatpacks of our items.
As an extra incentive to have you come visit the Axis Mundi location we have made and Exclusive color of our Hya and Synth boots.These will ONLY BE AVAILABLE AT AXIS MUNDI! They will NOT be available in the fatpack.

Finally let's talk about the new build. Lazy Places has been in world for over a year now. Back when we started we were another urban neko store in the sea of urban neko stores. As the year went on our skills and intrests changed and we ourselves changed, leaving behind our neko looks and turning elf. We decided that it was time for a change and have completly rebuilt the shop with a totally new look. Please come take a look and be sure to walk around and explore. We hope you like it!


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Achariya Rezak said...

yay !! totally awesome build, congrats & can't wait to get my hands on the other colors of those shoes >3