Friday, September 19, 2008

Last but certainly not least of the hoodies.

Yipeee! it's Friday which for some means the end of the work week, for me it brings the last of the hoodies. I can hear you saying "But Phire what are we going to do without seeing you every day?". Well be thankful I think..who wants to see my mug everyday? Now today's hoodie is one that has been shown off by others before me, but hey it is just that cool that I am showing it again. What hoodie could I be speaking of? Why it is the Minihood in yellow from Fishy Strawberry. Granted it may not keep all of you warm, you will look in incredibly stylish while freezing your tatas off.

The hoodie comes with prims sleeve cuffs and of course a prim hood.

It is no surprise that I chose the yellow since it is one of my favorite colors. While you are there picking up your hoodie, I suggest that you check out all the other cool stuff there and hey if you have a man or you are one drag him over and show him the shirts they have. Heck they are worth looking at either way. You may just get a chuckle or two out of it.

*sniffle* Here are the last of my hoodie credits
hoodie:*Fishy Strawberry* minihood yellow
Corset:~silentsparrow~ Jaberwocky opening gift Alice Corset (no longer avaliable)
jeans: [Decoy] Genesis 10 jeans- midnight
hair: Kin goggles hair girl (Hair fair freebie)
skin: BP* AUG skin 9/baby face

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