Tuesday, September 23, 2008


KessKreations offers up not only some incredibly detailed jewelry but also some adorable outfits!

First up is the Claire Sundress. It's an adorable dress in green and yellow. I love how it fit me without needing to do massive prim editing. This is my favorite out of the clothing Kesseret has to offer. It's cute and flirty and fun!

*KK* Claire Sundress

Next up we have the Liz outfit in Red. This sequin covered outfit is available in multiple colors, I chose red because red is my favorite color \o/. The pants have lovely prim cuffs and the whole outfit is available on multiple layers allowing for easy mixing and matching with the rest of your wardrobe. This outfit looks amazing on darker skin tones too, the colors really pop!

The Final outfit is the cute as can be Grace Jumper. Could the BE any cuter? The prim legs on the pants are available in short and longer versions and the top is available with just the jumper top if you wish to wear a different shirt underneath. Oh and those super cute socks are included!

*KK* Liz Red & *KK* Grace Jumper

Kesseret's Jewelry is incredible too. I have such respect for all of you Jewelry makers out there than can work with tiny prims. I have tried and after a while I'm in a ball in the corner crying. ^^; Kesseret is a master. Each piece is skillfully put together and amazing. Yeah I'm gushing but seriously you need to go get her stuff. The best part of her Jewelry is that it is Menu driven, giving you the options of changing Metals and/or Gems. I really wish more jewelry makers would do this. I love the ability to change my jewelry to match my clothing.

*KK* Neko Charms Necklace & *KK* Neko Charms Bracelet

See the attention to details that I'm talking about? Click the photo for a larger view, there is the most adorable texture on the milk carton. I was amazed that there was that much detail on this piece.

*KK* Natasha Black Pearl Necklace

KessKreations also features a variety of items for your SL wedding and items for the men in your life.

Go Visit KessKreations now! Buy lots of awesome stuff!


Skin:LF CHAI Ginger- Antonia
Hair:*katat0nik* H (naturals) Lolli Hair
Shoes: TRUTH Mina Flat[darkside]
Ears:Illusions *~*Mystic Ears: Elfin/Naturals
Outfit: *KK* Claire Sundress
Jewlery: *KK* Natasha Black Pearl Necklace

Hair: ETD Anisa - Ebony
Skin:*M&R Plush Cioccolato Glammed
Ears:Illusions *~*Mystic Ears: Elfin/Naturals
Shoes:TRUTH Mina Flat [fire engine]
Jewlery: *KK* Natasha Black Pearl Necklace
Outfit: *KK* Liz Red

Skin:[Curio] Opaline-Juxt
Hair:ETD Emily - Auburn
Ears: Illusions *~*Mystic Ears: Elfin/Naturals
Shoes:TRUTH Mina Flats [chocolate]
Outfit: *KK* Grace Jumper
*KK* Neko Charms Bracelet
*KK* Neko Charms Necklace

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Kesseret Steeplechase said...

Aww thanks for your kind words!!! The neko charms is my favorite piece I've ever made! The kitty on the MISSING part of the milk carton is my Samus Aran.

Thank you for reviewing my stuff!