Sunday, September 21, 2008

I'm back...

I have been absent for a while with very good reasons. One RL has been crazy and keeping me busy and the other is I have been working hard to get the new build for my store done. We are shooting to have everything set up and ready for this Saturday, September 27. Because of this I am backed up on my blogging! So be prepared to be seeing my elfin mug more than you care to as I try to get back on top of my blogging folder. Enough of my ramblings onto the bloggins!

A little while ago Mina Jun released her beautiful Cyber skins. As always the bodies and faces are lovely. These skins work well for any style from Noir looks to Robotic Dolly to a lovely light Drow skin.

minajun Cyber 01

minajun Cyber 02

minajun Cyber 03

minajun Cyber 04

My favorite thing about Mina's skins are the lips and once again she delivers beautiful pouty lips. There is also an innocence about her skins. Everyone I have seen them on have such a beautiful innocent look about them. Check out Achariya here wearing Cyber 03. So cute!

Ok sorry I am really sucking at blogging now!!!!!!! I will get my groove back soon though >_< Go buy skins!

Credits so you forget how terrible I am at blogging after my absence
minajunk Cyber

Illusions *~*Mystic Ears: Elfin/Drow

TRUTH Antonia - Silver

Dark Eden Pasties

Panties: Black Latex Thong
Draconic Kiss Black Latex Thong

[OMFG] Big Brass Horns

Body Shot: -=Watchtower=- Yellow Eyes (neko)

Face Shot: -=Watchtower=- Brown Eyes (human)

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