Thursday, September 4, 2008

I was naive about Naive!

It wasn't until this past weekend, when I went to the Naive/Sweetest Goodbye show, that I got a real good look at the items offered by Naive. I loved the Rebel Condition pants on the model so much I had to grab a pair of my own. They seemed a little too punk on her though so I tried to soften the look by adding the top from the Play Division set. But my true love is the pants. The wrinkles and shading make you look good coming and going!

There was a wall of items for sale after the show, or during if you couldn't wait and I grabbed the Noir Perfume in black. It is a sexy little number, the pants come complete with prim bottoms. The wrinkles are in all the right places and give this piece a nice depth. Oh and the dangling chain on the back is a nice touch too!

Onto the credits!
Clothing: Naive Rebel Condition, Play Division and Noir Perfume
Hair: ETD Davina II in chestnut and blond
Shoes: ETD Demi trainers in pewter, wedge heels in magenta(no longer available)
Lashes: Cake Bedroom lashes
skin:skin: Belleza Brooke sk 10 freckles

I tried something new with the pictures..feel free to tell me if you totally hate it.

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