Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Guess who's back, back again!

That's right two posts from me in one day! Shocking I know, but try to control yourselves. I just had to share all the cuteness that is the new *katat0nik* Katty dress. Boy oh boy has Ms. Katat0nik Pidgeon has outdone herself with the options of this puppy, er katty, erm well you know what I mean. She made a fantastic shade of yellow, well there are other colors, but I love the yellow the best. There is a lack of good yellows on the grid in my humble opinion.

The dress comes with a HUD to help you adjust the prims to fit you the best. How cool is that? Oh and did I mention that the little pocket that holds your katty is scripted to change too? Not just the Katty,but the heart too! Seriously Kat is one busy girl. I don't think she ever sleeps!

These adorable dresses were designed to compliment the Katty dolls she released a week or so prior to the dress. The Kattys come in silver, teal, purple, orange and my personal favorite...clown! Here is a picture of my cute littls clown Katty doll.

No need to get catty, here are the credits!
Dress and Katty doll:*katat0nik* (yellow/lavender/corn) Katty dress and (clown) Katty Doll
Hair:Magika Kitten- black (I modded the bow a bit)
Skin:LF Chai Indigo freckles in nutmeg(old group gift)

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