Monday, September 1, 2008

Decoy revisited

A couple of weeks ago when getting ready to do the "Mondays Child" posts here I headed over to Decoy on Sakura's suggestion because I wanted to find something casual to wear for my Fridays child look. I hadn't been there since the release of the Genesis 10 jeans. These jeans are another one of my must haves. I say this because when I get a comment like this.."your ass looks great into those pants." I know that I need to get more. That is exactly what I did. I decided to get a lovely pair of orange ones for a the fall and a darker demin color. These jeans come with two different styles of prims,pants on both the pant and underwear layer to wear with prims, and a pair to wear without prims. And the seams on the pants flow into the prim parts so nicely.

I also am wearing one of the latest releases from HoH, the Dirrty Girl hair style is an obviously messy 'do. I love the shorter in the back, longer in the front style, it gives it a messy and playful look all at the same time.

I also have to show you this hooded blazer. I bought this at Decoy because I was looking for something playful, but also sophisticated for those times when I wanted that look. Hey sometimes a girl wants that funky professional look.The front is what you would expect from a blazer, nice buttons, pockets with wonderful wrinkles giving it depth. The real jaw dropper if this hooded blazer is in fact the prim hood. I wanted to reach out and touch it! The shading and texturing of it....I snapped a picture and sent it so Sakura because she just had to see it.

I paired the jacket with another new release from House of Heart, the Margo style. It is a ponytail style with bouncy curls. The nice thing about this is that with the right accessories it can be dressed up, or left as is for a more casual look. Click on the pictures for a larger view.

Credits, 'cause you know you want 'em
Photos 1&2
jeans: [Decoy] Genesis 10 jeans in tangerine
top and suspenders: [Decoy] in suspension set
shoes: ETD Demi trainers- white
hair: HoH Dirrty girl in mahogany
skin: Belleza Brooke sk freckles 10
lashes: Cake Bedroom lashes

Photos 3&4
jeans: [Decoy] Genesis 10 in midnight
jacket: [Decoy] Hooded Blazer in forest
shoes: ETD Demi trainers- white
hair: HoH Margo in mahogany
skin: Belleza Brooke sk freckles 10
lashes: Cake Bedroom lashes

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