Sunday, September 28, 2008


*M&R Plush - Cioccolato

Yesterday I showed you the M&R Cupcakes Plush skin in Apricot, while I love it there is a tone even more amazing.

I have heard from many skin designers that making darker tones is hard. Mimi and Rosemary have proven that it can be done! The Cioccolato skin is my favorite in the Plush line. The shading on the body of this is beautifully done. The freckles stand out well on the darker skin tone too.

*M&R Plush - Cioccolato Cateyes, Cioccolato Cateyes/Ruby Lips, Cioccolato Dusk, Cioccolato Electric

*M&R Plush - Cioccolato Fresh, Cioccolato Glammed, Cioccolato Natural

*M&R Plush - Cioccolato Pewter, Cioccolato Polarity, Cioccolato Soft

The makeups on the Cioccolato skin are perfectly done too. Each matching the skin's darker tone incredibly well. I love how a slight blush shows through the darker tone too.

This skin reminds me of a few beautiful Indian women I know in RL. The rich dark tone looks incredible with many of the exotic fabrics from places like Zaara. All colors just seem to pop against this beautiful skin.

I hope that Rosemary and Mimi continue to include this skin tone in all of their future releases. As always click photos for larger looks, but it's always best to go check the demos for yourself!!

Skin: *M&R Cupcakes Plush Cioccolato
Ears:Illusions *~*Mystic Ears: Elfin/Naturals
Hair::TRUTH Antonia - Black
Lingerie: artillerideanna lingerie *cherry black* tur

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