Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Back in kat(at0nik) Yes I am back in kat(at0nik)

I blame some tv commercial for today's blog title. Another day another hoodie. I am sure everyone is going to be sick of seeing me blog stuff from *katat0nik* but Kat makes such adorable stuff, and I have barely touched on all the stuff she has in her shop. Today I am focusing on her Little Swallow Queen hoodie. Now I know that a Swallow is a bird, but it still makes me giggle like school girl. Yes I can be just that immature.

As with almost all of Kat's stuff the prim hood and cuffs both have resizer scripts in them so you can get the perfect fit. I am kicking myself for not getting a good picture of it, but on the ends on the hoodie ties are little skulls.

While you are in there picking up your cute hoodie, don't forget to check out the hair and other wonderful stuff *katat0nik* has to offer.

Don't fly off before getting the credits!
hoodie: katat0nik* (orange) Little Swallow Queen Hoodie
jeans: (CS) jeans- black
skin: /Artilleri/ Lily autumn makeup in sunkissed (hunt prize from last Halloween-no longer available)
hair: *Truth* Emma
lashes: Insolence Lula medium

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