Thursday, September 18, 2008

Another day another hoodie to share

Are you sick of me and my hoodies yet? Well it matters not because I have another to share today and from a some what surprising source. We all know that Digit Darkes makes some glorious dresses, but did you know there was a hoodie tucked in with all that splendor? Well there is and I found it! Okay so maybe I am not the first to find it, but I am taking credit and no one can stop me so there!

Located tucked amongst the tops and skirts is this Star Sequin Hoodie. Sequins and a hoodie, does it get any more diva glam? I could totally see some rock star chick sporting this hoodie. Wonder what my band name would be? Phire and the Flames...The Phire Phighters? Hmmm something for me to ponder.

Oh right we were talking about the hoodie. Sorry. This hoodie can look bad ass or not, depending on how you dress. I think I look kinda bad ass. The stars on this hoodie are only on the right side as you can see from the pictures. Just enough to declare your own rock star place in the world. You will have people seeing stars, seeing stars..oh my starry eyed surpri.....oops I better get going before I scare you all with my singing inabilities.

Rocking awesome credits
hoodie: Digit Darkes Star Sequin Hoodie- black
jeans: [Decoy] Genesis 10 jeans- tangerine
Skin: *mia* Sophia 2.0 skin 8
hair: ETD Davina II in copper
lashes: Insolence Lula medium

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