Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wednesdays child is full of woe

Right on the heels of the happy post earlier is todays child, the one full of woe.

The thought of full of woe got me thinking again of the idea of a robotic doll. The ideal beauty so human like and yet she's not. At some point she will outlive her owner either by age or accident and what happens to her then? Who cares for her or loves her? What if the loss of her owner was tragic and she was unable to do anything to stop it. Would she feel sorrow? Could she cry? If she cried would that begin to cross the line into being human? Have I watched way too much anime? Yes....

Wednesday's Child is full of woe at the postapocalyptic landscape of the wastelands. "I just bought this umbrella and all I can see is desert," she thinks woefully. "My mascara's running from the heat, and my stockings are snagged." I would've used MinaJunk's amazing tears skin for this line of poetry but Sakura snagged it first! MiaSnow's does just as well at conveying the sense of deeply unhappy avatar. Japanese stores, especially Kurotsubaki and DP**yumyum, have clothing that is perfectly tattered for sandstorms and nuclear fallout, yet cute enough for tea at four.

Woe automatically evokes images of sadness. When all the crying is done, what has changed, aside from your mascara running down your face? The somber and solitary nature of curling up by a crackling fire alone with your thoughts seemed like a good choice to me. Oh and for the record listening to sappy love songs while missing someone is a surefire way to feel some woe.

Nothing to be sad about with these credits
Sakura's photos
Doll Parts all by Le Petit Prince
*LPP* Cyber Foot L&R sets
*LPP* Automata Heart (all sculpted gears working) SP Version
*LPP* Doll Digital Bunny ear
*LPP* Doll eye (Doll eye yellow)
*LPP* Doll suit set
Skin: minajunk cry skin CSR2008 (check website for slurls to shops purchase an item to get a card and to get stamps to get the skin)
Lip piercing :Elec Tro Kitty Face Piercing - ALL SET (12 Piercing+Fangs) (Lip Rings 2)
Hair: Eat Rice! Orihime - auburnlight

Photos taken at the Sinistyle sim

Achariya's photos
***Hat: **DP**yumyum summerbonnet
***Tights: Sheer Torn Nylons Stripes Fade Black
***Dress: **DP**yumyum Adventure of Monday (blue)
***Hair: *Kurotsubaki* hair heart 7 gold
***Skin: MiaSnow *mia* DAHLIA skin - the tearful
***Eyes: Minajunk cry eyes from the CSR card giveaway
***Boots: Zero Number AM Short Boots Black
***Necklace: Spica Suicide Necklace
***AO and brolly: Torridwear Paraplu

Phire's photos
sweater: Ce Cubic Effect cardigan creme
jeans:(CS) jeans (black)
tank:LaLa FooFoo) Essential tanks midnight
skin: Dutch Touch skin 9 teared eyesserie Amy sunkissed
shoes: ETDdemi trainers white
hair:PE Cordii in sambuca
coffee:Sugar Mill Espresso gift


gogolita said...

I'm loving your days of the week blog entries :)

Phire Zuhra said...

I am so excited people are liking this. It makes me so very happy!