Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tuesdays Child is full of grace

It's Tuesday, time to see what we think "grace" is.

For me, the verse "Tuesday's child is full of grace," seems to mean that inner beauty is more important than outer beauty. Dancing especially is an expression of this -- perhaps dance is how the soul wants to move through the world. I chose an outfit and hair meant for movement and for showing off the body -- a dress with graceful lines from Bare Rose (almost Grecian), and hair from MiaSnow that looks alive. Of course, I am dancing! I've put on movements from Animazoo, my favorite belly dancing hud.

For me the minute I hear the word grace I immediately think of a ballet dancer. They seem to be the embodiment of grace in my mind. They seem to just float upon the air and so I chose to do my best to portray the grace of a ballerina.

To me there is nothing more graceful that a butterfly. The way they flutter from flower to flower moving about in their soft magical way is just amazing to me. They are the closest I will ever get to seeing a real faerie (they do exist!!!!!!) So when choosing a scene for my Tuesday's child photo I knew the best place to go was the most magical fae filled place Straylight.

Graceful Credits
Achariya's photos
***Hair: MiaSnow *mia* hair Wild Woman (lucky chair freebie)
***Skin: GiGi Couture Another Shop mod, True Geisha
***Outfit: Bare Rose Ukifune -- with shoes, tattoo, necklace, and many color options
***Dance:Animazoo dance hud belly dance deluxe

Phire's photos
top: MichaMi Gold Glitter tube top dyed pink
tutu: Canimal FooFoo TuTu
shoes: Shiny Things Penny Ballet flats
hair: HoH Ballerina with Messy Bangs
skin: Lunacy Phoenix smoked chocolate brow 1
Dance moves: Abranimations Ballet HUD

Sakura's photos
Dress: ( ACgirl )Blue_Butterfly (Camp Item)
Hair:ETD Celia - White
Eyes: -=Watchtower=- Purple Eyes (unseeing)
Skin::GP: Opaline-Nocturnal
Boots:[LP] Vlinder Boots - Blue Morpho (can't see but were used to create the butterfly effect ^_^)
Lip piercing : [ElecTRo Kitty] Face Piercing - ALL SET (12 Piercing+Fangs) (Lip Rings 2)

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efemerabisiani said...

All stunning! I love this whole idea and will be eagerly awaiting the rest of the week!