Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thursdays child has far to go

Today you get to see just how far we will go, no not in that way you dirty birds!

I have a sad sort of affinity for Thursday's Child, who has Far to Go, because I was born on a Thursday. (To find out which day of the week you were born upon, click here.) This verse reminded me of being a newbie, stumbling wide-eyed around info-hubs and newbie shops, picking up all the stuff that I could in an attempt to grapple with this endlessly fascinating other realm. I picked up cars, boats, strange modern-design houses, wings, skins, "body attachments." I looked horrible and trotted around with duck-walk for months, but I had fun doing it! Nowadays it's so much easier to look great for two or three lindens. This outfit, freebies and items from the gnubie store, is in honor of the child with far to go.

Having far to go doesn't just mean spacial distance. It can also mean socially. I chose to depict the busy go go go city gal. Trying to balance work life, climbing that social ladder, and home life can be a daunting task. She has to work harder to get just as far as her male counter part. Okay I think I should get off my soapbox before I yammer on.

I decided to go with a student for my Thursday's child look. My student is a bit of a daydreamer though so she definitely has far to go. Daydreaming is a form of creativity so who knows what her mind is thinking up now. Could be a beautiful piece of art, a wonderful story, or something mischievous, who knows!

Far reaching credits
Achariya's photos
***AO kindly provided by Second Life.
***Shoes: (Shiny Things) Freebie Painter Shoes 0L at the gnubie store
***Hair: Diversity Hair Brat in Auburn (1L at the shop for a zillion colors)
***Skin: M&R Cupcakes Creampuff Skin - Nutmeg - FREEBIE (I'm not sure how Rosemary is doing her skin group nowadays, now that she's merged with heart-cupcakes. But this was an amazing free skin!)
***Necklace: (Shiny Things) multistrand dro necklace 0L at the gnubie store
***Outfit: ~silentsparrow~ (berry) fall is not easy outfit 0L at the gnubie store

Phire's photos
dress:G.L.A.M Bustier Dress in Magenta
belt: Callie Cline Fat Belt in Diamond Dust (special gift, not available in stores)
shoes: Maitreya Slinky Stilettos in black
tote: ETD Accessories: Everyday Tote (black)
necklace: MM layered necklace with pearls
hair: ETD Alayna II - black
skin: Lunacy Phoenix -medium-nude gloss
lashes: Cake bedroom lashes

Sakura's photos
Hair: Gritty Kitty: RUSTY Creative
Outfit:[SG*] School Girl - Khaki+Beige
Sneakers:AKEYO_shoes_CHUCKS LowTop
Legwarmers:BP*sweat leg warmer/ flower Brown
Table:BP*reading table set/box
Bottle Faerie/Imp: [DE] Good n Evil Set
Rabbit:HPMD* First Rabbit -like stuffed toy-
Ears:Illusions Elf Ears:*~*Mystic Ears: Elfin/Naturals

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Zayra A. said...

These are so enjoyable, I'll be sad when Sunday makes the poem end.
your interpretations have been so intriguing.