Saturday, August 9, 2008

Review Policy, We haz one!

We have been blogging for a while now and have decided that it was time to state a review policy just in case anyone wanted to know.

We generally blog items that we like, things that have caught our eyes in shops that we want to share with others. We have and will continue to blog items that are made by people we consider friends and items from Sakuradawn's shop Lazy Places. If this makes people think we are playing favorites it is not. We are friends with the people because they are good people and we respect their talents as designers. Just because we are friends with them does not mean we should be exempt from blogging their items if we like them.

We do accept review copies, however please understand that if it is something that we do not like we will not blog it. Momma always said if you have nothing nice to say it's better not to say anything at all. Rather than give you a bad review we will simply not review the item. Our tastes may not be the same as others so please do not takes this as a slight on you.

We generally don't ask for review copies although we would love to. This is because we are both very shy and we do not want to come off as greedy to designers. We understand the hard work that each designer has put into their items and we respect that. If you are a designer that is interested in having us review for you please do not hesitate to contact either or both of us, we love to do joint posts. There is rare occasions where we suck up our shyness and ask. If you do offer review copies when we ask, then thank you very much. If you do not, please disregard our notecards and thank you for your time anyways.

Thank you!!
Sakuradawn Lei
Phire Zuhra

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