Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Moogles Eat Rice!

Hai there again! It's me with a Moogle hat!! Yes that's right! MOOGLE! If you love Final Fantasy like me you need to march your bunns right over to Eat Rice! and get yourself the Moogle hat. It comes with two versions one with hair that is scripted to texture change to 9 different hair colors, and a plain version for the guys or anyone that wishes to wear their own hair with it.

While you are there pick up the Foofoo Skirt shown here in pink. Super Kawaii skirt with a glowing Tamagotchi pet (remember those?) and Strawberry Pocky to keep you fueled for late night gaming sessions!

Tomorrow I will show you the new Willow Skins from Eat Rice (I wore one yesterday and another today), bright colorful makeup in several skin tones, all with a cute blush to the cheeks and nose! Stay Tuned!

Credits Kupo!
Skin: Eat Rice! Willow Pale lime
Eyes: Eat Rice! Toast Theif Yellow Green
Hair: Eat Rice! Moogle Hat (texture change hair 9 textures to choose from. Also includes hat without hair)
Skirt: Eat Rice! Foofoo Skirt (Pink)
Eat Rice!
Shirt: /artilleri/ zee tank top *pink*
Socks: *KUROTSUBAKI* color socks animals_Aset flamingo_B
Shoes: [LP] Hya boots (Cloven) (to be released soon!!!)
Lazy Places
Poses: [LAP]

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Candy Lemmon said...

Kupo kupo!!

Yay, thanks for sharing! :D