Saturday, August 23, 2008

I <3 Eat Rice !!!!

A couple weeks ago I did a couple reviews of the shop Eat Rice and fell madly in love with Ellie Celt's hairs. Much to my delight she is part of the hair fair and did not fail to deliver on the most amazingly creative hairs I have seen! Today I am going to show you a hair with a dolly, one that comes with adorable birds and one after one of my favorite animes ever!!

The first hair I want to squeal over is the Kyandii hair shown here in black. This hair has been shown by both Gogo and Ashia in blonde I believe. Take a close look at it! Yes that is a little doll on you head and a tipped over jar of candy! Best part? The dolly moves! >_< could it get any cuter? Well actually yes, the doll/candy part is actually a hat so you can wear it with another hair if you wanted! \o/ Not that you should the hair it comes with is perfect!

The second hair I want to show you is the Birdie hair. This fluffy long hair is beautiful on it's own, however it gets even better when you add the little birdie friends! One for your head one for your shoulder, both have adorable subtle movements making them appear alive. There is also a birdie in a cage for you to hold! The birdie not only moves but swings! The cage has a built in ao pose too, perfect for photos and standing around looking cute as can be!

The third hair is a unisex style named Light modeled after Light Yagami of the anime series Death Note. Now I have only seen the live action movie version of Death Note because Ryuk scared the crap outta me and it was hard to look at the screen when he was on without freaking out >_< But this story is freaking awesome and you must go google it now and find it and watch it and ok... sorry I was blogging hair wasn't I? Anyways..... The Light hair is awesome! It even comes complete with a pen for your mouth and a Death Note to hold. The Death Note has 2 build in animations too.
Ellie make more anime hairs!!!!!!!!!

Last but not least I'll show you the Hair Fair freebie from Eat Rice!. The Puety Hair is a cute choppy style and great for testing out colors to see what you like best!

There are a few more styles available at the Eat Rice! stall but alas I was broke >_< so I was only able to grab these 3 hairs in black for now and drool over the other hairs available. As soon as I can I will be back snatching up the other hairs and showing them off!

As Always click photos for a closer look or head over to my flickr to check them out there! (Blogger please stop making my photos small >_< I don't know how to fix that! Halp!)


Kyandii Photo:
Eat Rice! Kyandii Black (blackdark)Hair Fair
Dress: *katat0nik* (olive) Ghostfire Dress - HAIR FAIR

Birdie Photo:
Eat Rice! Birdie Black (blackdark) (1pose)Hair Fair
Boots: *katat0nik* (black) Margin Walker V.2 Boots [Stomp Lightly]
Shirt:*katat0nik* (blue) Little Swallow Queen Hoodie
Panties: *katat0nik* (teal) Heart Ruffle panties

Light Photo:
Eat Rice! Light Black (2 poses) Hair Fair
Shirt: Aitui - Sexy Button-Down /Black/
Pants: (CS) Cords - Gray
Shoes: Gritty Kitty: SCHMOOPS

All photos:
Lip Ring: BP* ribbon pierce (group gift)
Skin: *mia* SOFIA 2.0 Skin 11


Gods Must Die said...

Death Note is great, but whoever is selling that in Second Life, doesn't own it, and therefore cannot sell it... without penalty by law. Thanks for pointing this out to us.

Sakuradawn Lei said...

This hair is another form of Cosplay in Second Life just like the countless other items out there. Walk into almost any Japanese sim and you will find some replica of an anime item. There are even shops and sims completely dedicated to cosplay and rp. This is no different from the shops out there selling spiderman and superman costumes or any other items like that. It's a fan representation.

Designer: Ellie Celt said...

Heya- I never claimed the rights on Death Note and Light the character. The hair is considered a form of cosplay since I personally made the hair and have given the Light hair recognition that it's from that anime. It would be like Disney suing someone over having a Mickey Mouse tattoo- it's not possible since the tattoo artist isn't claiming rights to the character. Also, it's considered a form of fan art since I make my hair the same way I would draw a picture of Light. So- no worries :3.

<3 Ellie Celt - Eat Rice!

Gods Must Die said...

We aren't worried about the hair or anything but the "book" with the Death Note logo on it. Any likeness or recreation etc... you know the drill. We've already tracked down 7 people selling Death Note items in Second Life or on since the initial post. Boxed Heroes was asked to remove items related to Ironman and other films. This will be no different than that. Star Wars is next, followed by various game textures items being sold are using. No need to worry blogger, this is not on you. Thanks for the heads up. On a side note, I see your community complains when people steal from within, but no one seems to care when Second Life residents steal from us, and sell those stolen textures, likenesses, logos, streaming movies which are not authorized and various other assets, as if that too, is their own. Have a nice day.

Designer: Ellie Celt said...

I can understand selling the Death Note being an issue but the Death Note isn't sold separately. The Death Note is only an extra item that is given upon purchase of the hair. Therefore, I am not doing anything illegal. I've already thought this through and being an artist, am well aware of the precautions. Also, because I am not claiming the Light hair or the Death Note an official Death Note item nor stealing the actual series and selling it, I am not doing anything illegal.

Gods Must Die said...

Say that to the guy Lucasarts took down, that sold a gun he made but included a Star Wars avatar inside as a "bonus" freebie. Why call the notebook Death Note? Why not Murder Notebook? Although that term was used in the manga and animated series, it's not copyrighted. How do you feel about the people in your own community who steal skins from other creators and then give them away for free in another sim? That exact thing is happening. In our investigations we have seen inner community theft like that. Very "popular" shoes and skins are being sold for 1 linden in foreign sims. We see IP posters up in several stores in Second Life, and it's good thing you fight to protect your own creations, yet some steal from others outside of Second Life. It's hypocritical. Three Death Note related items have been removed by just advanced warning.

As a team, we scour Second Life for our clients' daily, looking for copyright violation. We also regularly search on Second Life related sites such as SLexchange and Onrez, as well as blogs like this, which are illegally using our clients' trademarks or content. Removing violators is part of our job in helping our clients. We have a large team dedicated to finding examples of copyright infringement or trademark violations for their products within Second Life and other games. If we do find a match, we notify our clients immediately with as much information as we can gather. We also have several accurate automated solutions to scanning and identifying copyright violations within Second Life itself, especially people avoiding being caught through the search function.

Designer: Ellie Celt said...

I appreciate what you're doing and commend you on your "quest" but the way you're treating this situation is ridiculous. I am just an animation student that loves to create and only made this item because I am a fan of the anime. I can understand stealing someone else's work within the game but I made each and every hair strand out of nothing. I worked 8 hours trying to create something interesting that the fans enjoy only to have someone like you reprimand me. You can't cut an artist a break just because of the word "Death Note" put onto a 1 prim sculpty notebook? That's brutal. Regardless, these words are not owned by the creator of the series nor do they own any rights to a simple 3D notebook. The logo isn't a match to the original you see on the series nor am I marketing the item as an official Death Note item. Artist who are fans just want to create something and share it with those with the same passion. I refuse to be put down or booted from Secondlife just because of something *I* created. When Linden Labs contacts me I will be more than happy to remove the "logo" if it is a problem. But the item will still be for sale just minus that stupid trivial alpha prim. That's the only issue you seem to find with this item and it can be easily fixed when the right authorities come in contact with me.

I am ending this conversation here because it's not right to Sakuradawn. Seeing as you come of as a "professional", I would assume you'd know this. If you want to contact me further, please feel free to e-mail. I can speak with my sister (an attorney) and see if there really is a violation here.

Thanks again Sakuradawn for the review post and I am sorry again for this drama on your blog.

<3 Ellie