Wednesday, August 27, 2008

HoH at the hair fair

I have been sitting on these lovelies from Sheltered for a few days now. For once I can claim RL excuses for my baby started kindergarten today and it has been crazy getting him ready and a little sad too.

But this isn't about that it is about the hair. House of Heart has five new hairstyles currently exclusive to the hair fair. They are located on the pink sim, booth 18, it's in the northweat corner.

DebbiePebbles is named after the winner of the Flickr contest. It is a cute 'do and I just love the bouncy curls in the back.

Then there is Shelby, a very shot hairstyle that could look good on the boys as well as the girls!

The Tousled Isabella hair had be thinking of a vegas showgirl with its crown cap and feathers. I just had to show this style from 2 angles.

Also availible is the Tilda style with big bouncy curls.

Last but by no means least is the Daphne hair style with 50% of sales of this go to Locks of Love.

skin in the first 3 pictures from Adam n Eve
skin in the last 2 pictures from *mia*

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