Monday, August 4, 2008

Green is cute when it is on your feet

I have some green deliciousness for you today my lovelies. It all started when Sakura made these cute fruit flats. They come in lots of yummy flavors like apple, strawberry, kiwi, lemon, watermelon, banana and peach!There are little bits of fruit on the toes of each freakin cute. I chose the apple ones for this post because I love the vibrant green color. I needed something to tie in the green so I slipped into the special Retrology Aniversary top from Comme Il Faut and the special St Patrick's day skin from Canimal. Of course neither of these things are still avalible :( But hey my pants are, they are Button Bermuda shorts from VG Rebublic, perfect for the cooler end of summer days. Anyway I will get onto the pictures because they are the best part.
Don't those shoes look delish?

Here is where you can buy this stuff cause you know you wanna!
Shirt- Jeune top-green- Comme il Faut (Retrology Aniversary gift it will be gone soon)
pants- Button Bermude Shorts-white- VG Republic
shoes- Cute Fruits Apple Flats- Lazy Places
hair- Rachel-Honey- *Truth*skin- Essence(Charm)...of luck- Canimal (no longer availible)
eyes-Realistic 4 Reflex Blue- Eyes 2C
horn-Unicorn Horn:Sterling- Illusions

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