Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Getting Racy with Persephone

Yesterday the sweet as pie sachi Vixen of Adam n Eve sent over some goodies for me. One of their newer releases the Racy dress and a sneak peek at the new Persephone line coming out in a week or so. First we will take a look at the Racy dress. Who am I kidding this isn't one dress it is two plus some lingerie all rolled into one. It is flirty, feminine and sexy with it's short flexi skirt, micro mini and teddy. It comes in white, champagne, black, red, blue and pink which all come with a pair of stockings. I am going to show you the pink one. I decided to pair the dress with the Miranda heels also from Adam n Eve.
flexi skirt and micro mini. I was shocked by how well the micro mini looked on me. I have never had a mini fit me so well with NO adjustment! Same with the flexi skirt!
teddy style. Covers enough to leave them wanting, but reveals enough for them to need to see more ;)
Miranda heels

Now I guess I can be nice and show you the Persephone skins. My personal favorite is the natural makeup.Oh and so I don't forget this is skin tone3.
cream and glossy makeups
gold and natural makeups
Red Rocket makeup

Now onto the body. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the nipple area is smaller then most of the other skins in my inventory. This works out very well for some of those deep V fronted dresses and tops. Of course if you want to see the no no bits you are going to have to wait till the skin is released to check them out for yourselves. Oh yeah for those of you who prefer to be bare down there you are in luck! The shading on the body is nice, nothing harsh and the abs are well toned no freakish body builder thing going on at all. I suggest you grab yourself a demo when these come out since skins always look different from one person to the next.
Body shots!

Persephone skins, Racy Dress, Miranda heels- Adam n Eve

hair- Deanna and Jennifer both in honey- Truth
lingerie in body shots- Le Burlesque underwear set- Opium
lashes- Wild Brush- Aphrodite Creations
poses- various- Grapevine

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