Friday, August 22, 2008

Fridays child is loving and giving

How appropriate that this day should coinside with the opening of the Hair Fair. After you get done checking out our looks, go be loving and giving yourself, get some hair and donate to Locks of Love! now on with the show...

Perhaps it's an indication of the loneliness of my childhood that when I see the line, "Friday's child is loving and giving," I immediately think of the things that have been unreservedly giving and loving to me no matter what else happened. Yeah, namely, my stuffed animals and dolls. I admit that I haven't actively been collecting them in Second Life, but somehow they've gravitated toward me (so that I now have a category of my inventory marked Plushies). If I had the prims to spare I'd set them all up and cuddle at the end of a long day, but I think I'll settle for holding 'em while I trek my lonely way around the grid. Friday's child is dedicated to these most loving and giving companions.

The loving and giving Friday's Child immediately brought to mind the creators stamp rally. I know that it has been blogged several times and by this point if you did not know about it what are you waiting for?? The event runs until August 31st so you still have time! Awesome gifts from awesome creators. Oh, and because I'm so loving and giving I am treating you to gratuitous shots of me in a bathtub. Ewww you dirty people I'm a faun! you can't see anything *tsk, tsk*

I see my animals as being reciprocal in the loving and giving nature. For all the love I giv them, they return it. They are there at the end of a bad day ready to give all their attention to me and give me the kisses I may need as I give them all the love and attention they need not to mention treats ;). Sadly due to allergies in RL we can't have dogs, so I have to settle for these to brutes, Hank the french bulldog and Petey the black lab (okay he's not mine but we live together)

From left to right:
***TOSL "Hey Tiger!" Cushion v1.4
***LicoLicoDoll 001_01
***+++BLUE BLOOD+++Cali Doll
***DP**yumyum*dolly schoolgirl
***Gritty Stitches Rattie the Dollie
***Chicanery (Chica) Diego
***Gritty Stitches Pinkie the Dollie
***Bundleworks Teddy Bear - Patchwork Blue
***Inspired ~ Winter Kitty Doll
***Schadenfreude's Brackle
***DP**yumyum*dolly gothly
****kurotsubaki* usagi_chair
***Couch: Rustica, Scheherazade Collection

Hair: [Aden] Annyka (Black)
Skin: :GP: Opaline-Juxt
Piercing:Lip piercing :Elec Tro Kitty Face Piercing - ALL SET (12 Piercing+Fangs) (Lip Rings 2)
Ears:Illusions Elf Ears:*~*Mystic Ears: Elfin/Naturals
Faun: Queen Titania's Court Faun in Obsidian
Tub::: MCH :: Cutie's Bathtub
Giant Bunny:[TANGRAM] Fuzzy the Bunny:Gray
Little Bunny: HPMD* First Rabbit -like stuffed toy-
Bird: HPMD* Little Birds -- sky blue --
CSR Prizes:
Dog: <>French Bulldog Set Box
Wallaby: [TANGRAM] Skip the Wallaby CSR edition

Phire's Photos
clothes: [Decoy] In suspension
shoes: [LP] Naamloos -just the bottoms
hair: *Truth* Dora in honey
skin: Adam n Eve Persephone t3 make up natural
lashes: Aphrodite Creations Wild Brush
Hank the Dog: Vooner French Bulldog- CSR gift(check website for slurls to shops purchase an item to get a card and to get stamps to get this handsome boy)
Petey the dog: Zooby's Black Lab

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Anonymous said...

I've really been enjoying this themed series you've created.
Being a "Friday's Child" myself makes this one my fave!