Monday, August 4, 2008

Eat Rice!

I love it when there is a designer that seems to have taken a peek inside your mind and created all the things you love. If you walk into Ellie Celt's Eat Rice! shop you will be happy to find some of the most adorable anime inspired hairs, skins and clothes on the grid. For the next few days I'm going to show off some of the most unique and fun stuff Ellie has to offer ^_^ This is the kind of stuff I love, Fashionista I am not. Fun loving, geeky, Unique? I hope so XD.

First thing I want to point out is this dress. I loves it! The Lightnin' Dress is beautifully stretchy and sequinny (is that a word?) and comes with legwarmers! It's floofy skirt makes me feel like a punk ballerina ^_^.

Now lets move up, this hair is without a doubt my new favorite hair ever!!!!The Stellar (shown here in blackdark) has star marks in the pink part that hangs over the shoulder!!! It's fluffy and rocker chick like and >_<.

Phire can tell you that long ago, back in my full time Neko days I ran around the grid Odd eyed. Much to my delight Ellie's eyes offer prim versions so you can odd eye until your little heart is content. Even better? The eyes are called Toast Thief!!

Ok now, for the rest of the week I will show you more Eat Rice! awesometacular stuff from hair, to skins, to eyes, to clothes. Hopefully I can do it all justice ^-^ (and not ramble so much, I ramble a lot...)


Skin: Eat Rice! Willow Plain smokey
Eyes: Eat Rice! Toast Theif Blue Green (L)
Eat Rice! Toast Theif Bright Blue (R)
Hair: Eat Rice! Stellar - blackdark
Dress: Eat Rice! Lightnin' Dress (Blue)
Neko parts: Eat Rice! Neko Set Black
(Eat Rice! Neko Fluffy Tail - black, Eat Rice! Neko Ears Pierced (L) - black, Eat Rice! Neko Ear Pierced (R) - black)

Socks: *KUROTSUBAKI* color socks animals_Bset -peacock_A

Shoes: [LP] Cute Fruits Apple Flats
Lazy Places

Poses: [LAP]

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