Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Eat Rice! Willow

First thing I want to say is that if you are one who loves realistic skins stop reading now and go do something else. *Waits* Ok now for the rest of you take a good look at the Willow skins from Eat Rice! These are some of the most colorful makeups I have seen. I love the softness of the faces too, there is a pretty hand painted look to these. My favorite part of the skins is the blushing cheeks and nose. It's like part healthy glow part embarrassed shy blushing. If there is one thing I love more than freckles on a skin it's blushing cheeks! (Hey Skin makers, Can we have more freckles and blushing cheeks? Kthnx!)

Moving down the body you can see there is a lovely little mole on the breasts and just the right amount of shading along the body.

Moving around to the back we see fantastic bunns! Pinchable, slappable (did I just say that?)rosy cheeks!

One last thing, all the hair I'm wearing is from Eat Rice! too. My favorites would have to be the Orihime named after Inoue Orihime from the manga/anime Bleach and the Stellar. The Stellar features a texture change script that allows you to change the color hair part to 9 different options. The Stellar is seriously my new favorite hair ever.

Click the photos for Larger pictures or go to the shop to pick up demos to try them for yourself!

Skins from Left to Right:
Eat Rice! Willow Pale Lime
Eat Rice! Willow Plain Smoky
Eat Rice! Willow Tan Lilac
Eat Rice! Willow Dark Sherbert

Hair from Left to Right:
Eat Rice! Priscilla - blonde
Eat Rice! Ohrihime -auburnlight
Eat Rice! Kawaii - Chocodark
Eat Rice! Stellar - blackdark

Eyes from Left to Right:
Eat Rice! Toast Theif Orange Brown
Eat Rice! Toast Theif Grey
Eat Rice! Toast Theif Blue Green
Eat Rice! Toast Theif Red


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