Sunday, August 24, 2008

The child born on the Sabbath is fair and wise and good and gay

Poor Sundays child has a lot to live up to!

"But the child that's born on the Sabbath day Is fair and wise and good and gay..." What a horrible geis to lay upon a poor child! "You were born on a Sunday, why aren't you acting fair, wise, good and gay?" I can just imagine giving up and saying -- fine. I'll become a nun. How much fairer, wiser, better and ... gayer can you be? Okay, I dunno about that last part. ...That's the inspiration for this outfit, nun cosplay from Little Heaven. It was pricey (at 650L), but the distressed fabric and interesting prim parts make any outfit from this store a keeper.

Sunday's child was the hardest for me to fashion. Fair.... no problem, wise...easy peasy, good...okay getting a bit harder and gay...okay I think I can handle it, but all four?!? Are you kidding me, no one is the perfect! Then I realised that there may be one person who fits all those, a Stepford Wife! So that is what I went for with this 50's dress from Ivalde and Antonia hair from Truth. The pin up skin from Fleur just completed the nothing ever out of place look

I honestly had a hard time figuring out what I was going to do for this day. The more I thought about it though, the more I realized there is only one person in all of Second Life who fits the Sundays Child persona perfectly. Everyone's favorite watermelon lover Torley!!! Torley is fair and wise, giving helpful advice and tips through his tutorials. He always lets us know just how special and unique we all are. I truly believe Torley loves both lives and lives them to the fullest. I hope someday I can be as happy and friendly as he is! Maybe I just need to eat more watermelons......

We hope you've enjoyed this series as much as we did creating it! Now we invite you to pick your day of the week and make your own look...

For all fair, wise, good and gay looks here are the credits!
Achariya's photos
***Tattoo: Alexitimia Biomechanical Android 3
***Skin: minajunk skin wimpy 02
***Outfit: LIttle Heaven Sister! White

Phire's photos
dress: Ivalde Kassandra blue dress
shoes: Periquita Candy Hearts shoe white from the Periquita outlet
necklace:Cailyn's Pearl Choker sapphire (turned so you can't see the sapphire)
hair: *Truth* Antonia in black
skin: Fleur Vivant Buff Pin-Up 3
lashes: Cake bedroom lashes

Sakura's photo
Skin: *mia*SOFIA 2.0 Skin 11
Ice cream: ))HANAUTA(( - IceCandy =watermelon=
Skirt:*katat0nik* (pink) $1 Plaid Butterfly Skirt
Corset:~silentsparrow~(melon) luxe corsets
Bag/purse:CSR_KUROTSUBAKI_summer_set (watermelon)
Shoes:[LP] Cute Fruits Watermellon Flats
Hair:Gritty Kitty: GREEN Bilirubin
Photos taken at Here

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:o Ach's photos are beautiful!!!!!!!!

I had fun doing this with you two ^_^