Thursday, August 7, 2008

Canimal Animal

Hey kiddies gather 'round cause Miss Phire has a story to tell. The other day I took a little trip to Canimal for what I can not recall because once I got there I was distracted. This dress was calling to me, too loud to be ignored. I was drawn to it for reasons that still are not clear to me. I could not leave without the dress and quickly snapped it up. Oh you may be wondering which dresses siren song was irresistible, well it was the Hex dress.

See the horm and hooves, get the whole Canimal Animal thing now? Pretty witty huh?

Here are the credits so you can dress like me, if you wanna ;)

Dress- Hex(red)~ Canimal
Skin- Persephone t3 creme makeup~ Adam and Eve (due out in a week or so)
Hoof boots- Hya Boots equine black~ Lazy Places (due out in September I think)
hair- Malice hair(naturals)~*katat0nik*
horn- Unicorn Horn:sterling~ Illusions
tail- Pont tail pack (female)~ #PP (This is a pony girl/horse market so if you are offened by that type of thing don't go or look around.)
lashes- Wild Brush~ Aphrodite Creations
poses- Coy AO~ Reel Expressions

as usual clicky for larger pictures.

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