Thursday, July 10, 2008


Today's preview has a small story. As I started making boots for the fair, I knew I wanted to make something that would be good for everyone to wear. Up until that point all but one pair of boots I had made were animalistic in some form or another. So I knew it was time to try some normal boots. Once they were done they looked like combat boots so I tried to come up with a name that reflected that. So Warriors were born.

In one of my "Hey know what would be funny/freakin awesome?" insomnia stress moments I strapped some toast, butter, and a knife to a pair and with a gleeful laugh, dubbed them "Toast Warriors".

The only food I love as much as toast would be cupcakes! So I strapped a box with a cupcake inside to one boot and a bottle of milk with straw to the other thus naming them "Cupcake Warriors"!

I couldn't stop there, oh no,no,no! I seriously could not go to sleep one night until I logged on and made the insanely awesome "Toast Cupcake Warriors" It's my favorites in one convient place! I love these >_<

The Toast Warriors come with an interactive piece of buttered toast, Cupcake Warriors come with an interactive cupcake that sits on your head and the Toast Cupcake Warriors come with an interactive cupcake too (it's a cupcake with a tiny piece of toast on it O_O )

The Warriors have a scripted resizer menu for easy fitting. These will definitely fit Males, Sven is wearing them ^_^ Oh and they are Transfer only and make great gifts!

Phire is wearing Cupcake Warriors
Sven is Wearing Toast Warriors (oh hey his shirt is from artilleri!do I get points for remember that only because I bought it for him?????)
Sakura is wearing Toast Cupcake Warriors

These will all be available at the SL Footwear Expo opening July 12 ^_^

I know, I know, But Sakura? where are your slurls? Again I'll say this in case you missed the last 2 posts. I didn't take notes on outfits so if you see something you like leave a comment. I promise once the shoe fair is going I will go back to my normal posting and have slurls for every thing I'm wearing, I'm just tired and stressed. Oh! I want to say thank of to Ivey from Sn@tch for leaving comments on the last two posts letting people know we were wearing her awesome creations. Ivey we love you!!! ^_^

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Phire Zuhra said...

I think in this picture I still have on my Celestial Studios jeans and my striped cami in candy from Refuge.