Friday, July 11, 2008


Today's teaser is my absolute favorite of all my new boots. These took the longest to do and are a collaboration between Sven and I. I built the boots, he built and scripted the butterflies, I placed them.

There are 7 boots total, 6 different butterflies and a spectrum edition that features all 6 one one boot. The Spectrum is only available in the fatpack and will not be sold separately! Each butterfly was placed in a different location on each boot so this isn't just a place butterfly, change wing texture kind of thing. Also each butterfly has a sculpted body and prim details. Each little guy has legs, eyes antennae even the proboscis! Sven did a great job on these! The boots themselves are also a mix of sculpts and prims. Due to the nature of the butterfly scripts we had to make these no mod, however we have included 3 sizes in each pack and have placed a demo so you can give them a try before you buy. No transfer means No refund!

Each butterfly that rests on the boots has fluttering wings as well, making your boots lively ^_^. Also each boot features the option of rezzing butterflies that will gently flutter around you. There are several options to choose from and several levels of butterfly craziness to have fluttering around you. In the photo above we have them set to 9 which is the max and as you can see it's a lot of butterflies! Please click the photo to get a better look ^^

Tomorrow the SL Footwear Expo opens at 9am slt. At that time we will be sending a newsletter out to our group and including a special gift. If you have not already joined please do so today as our notices to not archive, so if you miss the gift it won't be resent. Our group does not take up one of your 25 spaces and is free to join. Oh and we are pretty lazy so no need to worry about us spamming you with 50 messages each week XD. You can sign up here if you wish, just find the sign, click once and you are added ^_^

For anyone wondering, Vlinder is the dutch word for butterfly. I have this habit of when I can't think of a good name for a product I ask Sven what the dutch word is. I thought Vlinder was beautiful so it stuck ^_^.

Vlinder boots will be available at the SL Footwear Expo starting July 12th at 9AM SLT!

While I once again do not have all the outfit details, I can tell you that we are both wearing the gorgeous grape skin by miaSnow and the dress I have on is from there as well! (yay ^^:)

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Phire Zuhra said...

My dress is the faerie babydoll from Truth.