Thursday, July 24, 2008

PXL Skins Crys (p)review

I want to say right off the bat that this is my very first skin (p)review and I may have gone a bit overboard with the pictures and what not, but lets get to it. I am going to start at the top and work my way down.

The head: There is just enough shine to the nose to define it, but not make it look oily or in need of some serious cleansing. I think the lips worked really well on my shape, giving me a kissable pout. The eyebrows have gotten some mixed reactions from people who have seen me in these skins. I personally like that they are thin but at the same time a lush if that makes any sense. In the skin packs you get 4 options, black brows with and without freckles and brown brows with and without freckles. With the freckle option you get a smattering of freckles across your cheeks and nose give the skin a sweet innocent look. I love the freckles!

Crys light from l-r cat eyes_raspberry lips, dark eyes_coffee lips, natural eyes_natural lips,natural eyes_red lips

Crys sunkissed l-r: dark eyes_passion lips, fashion eyes_natural lips, smokey eyes_ice lips, natural eyes_natural lips

There is also an emo line for when you are just in one of those moods..
Crys light-emo line: messy eyes_blood lips

Crys sunkissed-emo line: deep eyes_fair lips

Body: Lets start with the abs. They are nice and tone without making you look like you are an American Gladiator wannabe. I am still getting used to seeing the shading around my ribs though, it makes me want to stuff myself with cheeseburgers, though really I don’t need an excuse to do that. There is some nice shading under the booty which I have to say is quite pinchable. The bewbs are nicely done too, excellent shading and the areolas around the nipples aren’t huge and flow nicely into the nipple and rest of the skin. Do I sound medical or pervy, wait I don’t want to know. The legs are nice though I am not used to such defined knees.

Now the girly bits are neatly shaved only, no bare option for those who prefer it that way. Obviously on some of your lower cut panties/bikini bottoms you will have some hair peeping over the top. I of course am covered up but by all means go and grab a demo to see all the nakedness and to see how it works on your shape. PXL Skins

Other Credits
Hair-Philotic Energy- Courtney
Underwear- Opium Addictive Fashion- Le Burlesque underwear set
Poses- Reel Expressions
Face shots- *Luth* Sex Sells V2 08
Body shots- *Luth* Runway V2 13
Back shot- *Luth* pose 67

*note* These pictures have not been post processed. There were taken in the release candidate using Caliah Lyon’s windlight settings and I refrained from wearing prim lashes so you could get the full makeup effects. Click on the pictures for a larger view or head over to my flickr page from the sidebar thinger. Please forgive me if I have been over wordy and this is the edited down version too!

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