Sunday, July 6, 2008

Please Help The Pandas!

Draconic Lioncourt of Draconic Kiss is raising money to help the pandas. For a donation of $1000ld you can receive a panda skin or for a donation of $600ld you can receive the Pandamonia dress I am wearing here.

This is one of the most beautiful Lolita dresses I have seen. The textures are magnificent, the satin is so shiny it looks real. The dress comes with adorable paws, stockings and of course the dress itself.

I urge you to please hurry to Draconic's shop and help out. The panda's need you!

"All proceeds go to Smithsonian National Zoo as part of their effort to help the Woolong Giant Panda Breeding Center in China that was devastated in the May 12 Earthquake.
These items are only available until July 11, 2008.
For more information or to donate directly please visit For more information or to donate directly visit:"

For more photos visit Draconic's Blog. To purchase the dress visit Draconic's shop.

PS. I'm probably going to annoy people on the feed today because I'm not going to post links to the rest of the stuff I'm wearing. Hair is from Armidi, shoes are a KatatOnik group gift ($250 fee to join, totally worth every linden), cupcake and toast made by me and not available yet, Kani avatar is Lost creatures. Look these up in search if you want them or go into past posts to look for links. This is about the pandas, go spend your lindens there and help out a good cause.

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