Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Little Tease

With the Footwear Expo on our doorstep I thought it was time to give everyone a little peek at what I have been up to the past few weeks. For the next 6 days I will be showing you a little of what I will have to offer at the fair! Most items that you will be seeing are not available in our mainstore at this time. They will only be available at the expo. They will slowly come into our shop when I have the energy to fight with setting up the vendors ^^; Some of you know that I am the co-owner of the Lazy Places store. Originally we specialized in paw shaped boots for the Neko and Furry communities. We have now worked very hard to expand our line to include something for everyone. We hope that you will like what we have to offer and will visit our booth at the Expo. A portion of all of our sales will be donated to the ASPCA.

Today I have a little peek at our WoolyBully boots. These boots feature legwarmers that can be color changed by a HUD. They also have an adorable scuplted prim chain and charms featuring a heart, a moon, and a star. Please click the photo for a closer look ^_^

I won't be posting any credits for the outfits that Phire and I are wearing in the Ads simply because it has been a very stressful week and I didn't take note on all outfits. I'm sure if you see something we are wearing that you like and leave a comment asking, one of us will be able to answer.

Remember July 12,2008! Shoe Fair opens!!!!


Nissa Nightfire said...

these are seriously cute! can't wait!

D. Swindlehurst said...

You have a cute model. And the shoes are nice too. ;-)

Ivey Deschanel said...

LOL the dresses are "Tokyo Prep" from Sn@tch as is the Domo Kun messenger Bag -winks- me mades em.


Sakuradawn Lei said...

yay Ivey We love your stuff!!

(does fangirl squeal)

Jessyka Richard said...


Sakuradawn Lei said...

Jessyka the Pokeballs are from Kalico Kreations


Jessyka Richard said...

Thank you! /me skips off to purchase!