Monday, July 28, 2008


While searching around on SLX for something that I can't even remember I came across what are now my favorite pair of jeans! Sundown Apparel makes these awesome sculpted digi leg jeans. You get both the plain and the pocket version of these jeans in the pack. They are incredibly well made and perfect for any furry or other creature wishing to keep the digi leg look of their avatar while wearing pants. In the past I had to either give this up or wear boots like my Prowlers or Ungulate (insert shameless self promotion here *available at Lazy Places* wooo!) over my pants. No longer! I can have long pants and digi legs at last! Rejoice with me!!!

p.s Is it just me or do I look like I'm playing some sort of hand clapping game with myself? (yesh those are both me ^_^ yay! *I think I've had too much coffee today*)

Zee Credits because I know you are twitching and itching you get your paws on these pants!

Pants: Pants: :SDA: Sculpted Jeans *digi* (Sundown Apparel)
Fox is wearing the plain legs
Elf creature is wearing pocket legs

Fox: +0.0+HcT= Shivan-furry hair - Toffee-Chocolate
Elf Creature: Gritty Kitty: WHITE Creative

On Fox: Bottoms of Prowler boots
On Elf creature: Bottoms of Equine Ungulate boots
Both by Lazy Places (and yes they were made by me :p)

Skin : :GP: Opaline-Juxt

Piercing: Nomine triple captive bead rings

Ears: Illusions - Mystic Ear : Elfin/Naturals

Shirt: /artilleri/ zee tank top *black*

Necklace: !* Rebel -X- *! FREE Strawberry Necklace (available on the upper floor of the shop along with a few others ^_^. Awesome freebie!!! Awesome shop!!)

Fox: Fox - female - Orange (Lost Creatures)

Tail: #PP - Pony Tail Pack (female) (This is a pony girl/horse market so if you are offened by that type of thing don't go or look around. Consider yourself warned. However if you are looking for a horse tail get this one >_< it has the cutest emotes ever!)

Pose: [LAP] - Ka-me-ha-me-ah!

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