Wednesday, July 9, 2008


It's time for another installment of Footwear Expo Teasing! Today I'm showing you an old and a new pair of boots I will have available.

The boots on the left that Phire is showing off are my Prowlers. These are my favorites of all my paw boots. I created these because when I was wearing my fox furry I had those lovely digi legs, but if I wanted to wear normal shoes I had to give up the bend in my leg. So long boring story short I made myself boots! I loved them so much that I decided to go ahead and sell them. They have been my most popular boot to date. ^_^

The other boots, the ones I am wearing on the right are my brand new Ungulate boots. Born of almost the same need as the prowlers were, however this time I was wearing my faun. My brain started going at the possibility of a hoofed boot. I have searched SL for hoof boots but most of the pony girl boots didn't fit exactly what I had in mind. These new boots are available in black and brown and in cloven (split hoof) and equine (horse). I hope they will meet the needs of all the horse furries and fauns and satyrs and demons and anyone who wishes to be unique!

The Prowler boots are available in the Lazy Places main store now, the Ungulate boots will be available at the SL Footwear Expo 08 starting July 12, 2008!!

Little note again : I won't be posting what Phire and I are wearing. Insomnia makes you not take notes on things like that and I have a billion and one things to do for the fair. So if you see something we are wearing and would like to know what it is leave a comment and we will get back to you <3


Ivey Deschanel said...

weeee more Sn@tchly stuffs. The Purple Flowered top is from the Hong Kong Garden set and the other outfit are my Black Latex Pants and Liquid Top. Not sure about the jeans tho. Not mine!
But niceee

Phire Zuhra said...

*giggles* we may have gone on shopping sprees before the picture were taken :)

Oh I think my jeans were from Celestial Studios since a certain photographer was rushing me to get dressed :p

Trinity said...

Yay! I'm so excited to see this! I have a cloven hoofed furry that I've never been able to wear shoe on unless I took her legs off. Now I can have my hoofs and wear them too! Thanks!