Saturday, July 12, 2008

Beautiful Butterflies

It's not often that a new release gets Sakura and I running to a store, but last night when we saw the new dresses from Persona we had to go get one each. The Odelia dresses were the perfect dresses to compliment the Vlinder boots that Sakura made for the shoe fair. I will let the pictures do most of the talking today.

Oh before I forget the Vlinder boots are only availible at the shoe fair as of right now!

What we are wearing in the pictures

skin-Aura 2 skin- Lunacy
hair- Clara black- Kin
dress-Odelia dress butterflies earthtones--Persona
shoes-Vlinder boots (monarch)- Lazyplaces
socks- over knee socks-edge grafica
ears-Mystic elf ears- Illusions
necklace- Butterfly frolic necklace silver- Earthtones

skin-Phoenix-medium-nude gloss-brow 2--Lunacy
hair- Lindsay-panama- *Truth*
dress-Odelia dress butterflies purple--Persona
shoes- Vlinder boots(blue morpho)- Lazy Places
socks- purple white trim stockings- *katat0nik*
ears-fairy ears:naturals-Illusions

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