Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Thorns and Butterflies

I have this obsession with ornate dresses. The more elaborate they are the more my heart longs for them. Many months back the siren call of these gorgeous dresses called to me and resulted in me discovering Haunted ZuZu. My first purchase was the Heart of Thorns gown. The beautiful dark thorns circling around the body, covering hands and legs, trapping a real heart upon your chest, called to me. It seems lonely, beautiful and frightening. Everything about this gown was incredible.

Today while poking about the newly listed items on onrez I once again fell in love with Haunted ZuZu. The Black Butterfly outfit with it's flowing train of black butterflies, the wispy trails flowing about the body, pure dark fantasy. It was love at first sight and mine in minutes.

Something else called to me from Haunted ZuZu. Each of these gowns offers a couple skirt size options. It is so nice to see a designer in SL realize that we are not all stick figures and some of us do in fact have hips. <3 The Heart of Thorns also offers a couple shirt layering options including just having the thorns and heart on your chest, but silly people I'm not going to flash you :p

I will be putting the full sized photos up on my flicker for you to check out if you would like to see uncropped versions. I am totally not good with cropping and I promise one day I will not have a battle with Photoshop. One day...........

(Haunted Zuzu) Black Butterfly Outfit
(Haunted Zuzu) - Heart of Thorns Outfit

Boots: ~First Flower~ Witch hazel ~Black

Hair: Calico- Caralee- Midnight

Skin: PXL Linda_Fair_Natural_DarkEyes_BlackEB

Piercing: Nomine triple captive bead rings

Eye Lashes : Cake Bedroom Lashes

Ears: Illusions - Mystic Ear : Elfin/Naturals

Eyes: *Reflex 13 Realistic Green Eyes 2C


Kala Bijoux said...

Thank you for the lovely post about my gowns :) I'm glad the different skirt sizes are coming in handy. A customer requested them awhile ago and I did what I could. I am still not sure they fit the best on all avs, but I did what I could with my paltry building skills.

Sakuradawn Lei said...

kala your gowns are amazing!! Please do more?