Saturday, June 21, 2008

Happy Birthday to me, lets wear cake!

Another year has past for me in that scary place called RL. Am I wiser? Of course I am but really, who cares??? In my 29 years on this earth I have learned one thing, the most important thing about your birthday is THE CAKE!!!!!!!

I have known for days that when I did my birthday post I was going to cover myself from head to toe in cake. This dress is the absolute perfect outfit for doing such a thing. The Red Velvet Cake dress from [ lurveBite ] had me dying for some tasty cake! Guess what? I comes with a recipie for red velvet cake! I'm just to lazy to go make some >_> It's my birthday, I'm entitled to be lazy. There are several options for wearing this dress but you will all be doing it wrong if you do not wear the 3 tier cake hat :p I love all the Fashionable Food Couture dresses from Sofia London and you will all see more of these in the next few weeks ^_^ Sofia speaks to my strange obsession with food in SL. <3

Oh while you guys are getting your grub on at [ lurveBite ] (I swear if you don't all leave with toast I will thwap you all and not in a good way!) you NEED to stop in Skins by miaSnow. Seriously her skins are by far the most beautifully unique skins I have seen and are some of my absolute favorites ^_^

If you will all excuse me I must go stuff myself with CAKE!!!

Delicious Credits!

Dress: [ lurveBite ] red velvet cake dress
Skin: *mia* SOFIA 2.0 Skin 3- Skins by miaSnow
Hair: Calico Epona Frosted Blood
Piercing: Nomine triple captive bead rings
Eye Lashes : Cake Bedroom Lashes
Ears: Illusions - Mystic Ear : Elfin/Naturals
Eyes: *Reflex 13 Realistic Green Eyes 2C
Glasses: primOptic glasses - stilo
Cake Props: **milu*cake**happy birthday (center cake on ground)
**DP**yumyum greedy muffin
(pose and props)


Phire Zuhra said...

Happy Birthday you crazy cake fiend!

Achariya Rezak said...

awwww, happy birthday <3