Friday, June 27, 2008

Dogs Rule!

Move over all you little Nekos, go climb your trees. The Dalmation Dames are coming!
MiaSnow Myriam is a skin goddess. If you want the most creative, unique, amazing skins you MUST go to her shop. The lastest offering from the goddess herself is the Dalmation Dames. A few weeks ago the first images of this skin appeared on Mia's Flickr creating a frenzy of dog-girl wannabees. The beautiful fuzzy skin just screams to be petted. It's like a human/furry hybrid. I love how bits of human skin show through the skin. >_> The buns are Delicious o.o

Each skin is different, not just the facial markings but the body spots too. You can tell that Mia put a lot of love and care into creating these skins ^_^ Now you may be asking yourself "But what is under that tiny bikini?" Well you naughty people I'm not about to flash my kibbles and bits across the feed (har, har) so go grab the demos and find out for yourself :p

If you would like to get a better look at these skins I have the individual full body photos on my flickr just click here

And now for the shameless self promotion. I do not have a blog for my shop so from time to time I show my creations on this blog because it's mine so :P Anyways the boots and collars you see in these photos were all created by me and available at my shop Lazy Places. The fire hydrant will also be available soon. When you stop by Mia's shop to check out the skins you will see a version of this hydrant with my shop's logo on it. Make sure you sit on it XD.

These skins are scheduled to be released today so check the store for demos and such and if for some reason they don't get out then *dances around* neener, neener I already have mine :p (At time of post the skins are not out yet, I'll update when they are though)

Credits Bark, woof, arf and other doggie stuffs

Skins, Ears & Tail : *mia* DALMATION DAMES 1-6 Skins by miaSnow

Bone Collar
Star Collar
Love me Collar (black version and red)
Cherries Collar
Moon Collar
Prowler Boots
Trailmix Boots V2
Trailmix Boots V1
Lazy Places

Hair: *TRUTH* Antonia [Noir] - Silver

Tiny Bikini: Yj-micro-bikini (lace)-p

All photos taken using Caliah Lyon's Windlight preset found here

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