Sunday, June 15, 2008

Cutie Pooties!!!!

The Cutie Pooties by Slanted Fox have got to be the absolute cutest shoes on the grid. They are sculpted, have heart and star buttons and are velvety beautiful. With a name like Cutie Pooties how can you pass them up? That's right you can't!! My pictures seriously don't do these shoes justice. Lucky for you there is a demo available in store, but I wouldn't even bother the shoes are so cute!!

They are available in 5 colors, VELVET BLACK, CHOCOLAT, DEEP SEA BLUE, EMERALD GREEN, PURFECT PINK. They also feature a resizer script for easy sizing if you need, they did fit straight out of the box on my size 0 feet.

I do have one little note, SL has been rezzing things weird for me, sculpted prims in particular, so if you put them on and they seem jagged, just wait, they will pop in, just give it a minute (don't flail around like me yelling "Mah shoes!!!! what happened to mah cute shoes!!!!!!" Yes that would be an exact quote >_>)

I haven't been able to take these off! I just rotate colors depending on my current outfit. ^-^ The Cutie Pooties are TRANSFER only so they make great gifts (Boys, I'm looking right at you. Go buy your girlfriends, wife, partner, sister, daughter, grandma, aunt,cross dressing best friend whoever these shoes!) Go get them all!

Slanted Fox Makers of the cutest shoes on the grid according to Sakuradawn Lei

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