Friday, June 20, 2008

Beautiful Sunset

Sometimes things just seem to come together as if meant to be. Today's outfit was one of those things.
It started with me getting this new skin, there was something about the makeup that spoke to me. Maybe I felt a connection to the name, Flare, Phire...seems like a good explanation right?

I was wondering what exactly to wear with is when I got a notice that for the weekend, in celebration of Ravenlynn's birthday, there are a bunch of dollarbies in LVS&Co and the other shops of Cassiopeia Isle. The Sunset Lovers dress imedietly caught my eye and knew it was perfect for the skin. The next challenge was finding the right hair. That is when I remembered the latest dollarbie hair from Bishwear that I had gotten to make myself feel better when I was in a mood the other day.Messy and sexy, just the look I needed. last but certainly not least was the shoes, but time wasn't on my side because I had to get to an event at Pin Ups. I slapped on some sandals that looked good, but then the Fashion Addict herself, Jhuzen Ketsugo, told me to head over to Shiny Things because the Supernovas in sunset would be perfect of the dress. And as expected she was completely 100% correct. I loved the look so much I decided I needed to share it with everyone.

Here are the credits
hair(DBS)TossMe- black- Bishwear
skin (EMA) Flare-Jen- Esthetica Makeup Arts
dress Lovers sunset-orange- LVS&Co
shoes Supernovas-sunset- Shiny Things
eyelashes-Bedroom Lashes- Cake
eyes-En Nomine contacts- sea green- Nomine
ring- La jolla Wedding Band- RH Engel Jewelry


Jhuzen Ketsugo said...

You look adorable Phire... and YAY for the shoes! Love this skin on you too!
~ Ketsy

Phire Zuhra said...

Thanks Kets. You were so right about the shoes, they are absolutely perfect for the dress. I think I am in love.