Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Holland won their game today in the UEFA European Soccer Championship against Italy 3-0. I jokingly told Sven that I would wear something with Holland on it if they won since he's Dutch. Lucky for me Tuli put out this amazing FREE outfit today for all the Dutch supporters! Yay!

The outfit comes with Cheek make up, jacket, flower, shorts with leggings,scarf and a pose! I'll let you all poke at the photos to get a better look.(click on them >_>)

Done poking yet? Good. See those cute shoes? They are from Sole Asylum I found them at the German fashion show and thought they were cute. I'll be honest with you, I haven't a clue if they are available in the main shop or not, Sl wasn't exactly being nice to me today so I wasn't able to check. I know, I know, bad Sakura right? :p

Kredieten (All Dutch speaking people please forgive me if that doesn't say credits, Sven already went to bed and I didn't get to ask ^^:)

Outfit: []::Tuli::[] Holland! FREE
Shoes: Sole Asylum - Dutch
Soccer/FootBall: ONREZ

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