Friday, May 9, 2008

Weekend Quiz Thema wants to know


I saw this over at Shopping Cart Disco and thought it would be fun to respond.

Which do you prefer?

1. When you hear about a new release, which are you most likely to run out and buy: hair, shoes, or clothes?
I would say all of the above. I would have to depend on who the releases were and if the photos intrigued me enough to go look.

2. Skin choice: pale, tan, coloured (like green), or dark? Blond, brown, red, or black hair?
Lately I have been going with tan for skins and black for hair.

3. Which event do you most likely put on your calendar: fashion show, live concert, store sale, sim opening, club contest, or a class?
Store Sale

4. What’s your ideal SL™ job?
What I'm doing right now. That would be creating for the Lazy Places store.

5. Sexy clothing preference: silks, lingerie, or revealing clothing(mini skirts, super tight dresses, etc)?
I suppose Lingerie, however other outfits can be sexy too. Why isn't latex on this list? I am adding it and changing my choice to Latex!

6. Facial hair on male avies (or yourself, if you are male): yea or nay?
Yay if don't right, nay if it's creepy or a prim. Phire knows who I'm talking about XD.

7. Land home or skybox?

8. Decorating your walls: SL™ photos, objects, RL photos, or RL art?

9. Do you prefer to own land or rent?
It depends, I think estate land is best because it is usually designated for commercial or residential. So I don't really know if you would call that renting?

10. Small boutiques or large stores?
Depends on the store. Some larger stores will always be favorites, however little Japanese boutiques drain my wallet ^^;

11. Photo-realistic skins and clothing or hand-drawn?
I'm really not a fan of photo realistic clothing, nothing looks right to me, however for skins, I think it depends on the skin in question.

12. For your one-on-one conversations, do you prefer voice or typed chat?
I prefer typed chat, it's easier for me to convey how I feel and I'm the queen of emotocons which I'm sure annoys the hell out of some people.

13. Prim objects or sculpties?
Both. Sculpties are amazing though.

14. Bling, effect sounds, and particle effects: on or off?
Say NO! to Bling! as far as effect sounds, if we are talking about nature sounds or sounds in a sim, I like that, sounds in shoes (that horrid scraping walk heel click thing) hell no. As for particles, I hate poofers but some particles are ok. It all depends on how it's done.

15. (If you use one) What photostudio do you like best?
Made my own.

16. Face light: necessary or blinding?
Ok here is where I stand on face lights. Go out find yourself a nice one that is one or 3 prims (one i use is free at Rfyre has a hud to adjust color, brightness and to turn it off) If you rez in next to me with 6 Giant balls around you looking like a Sun and blinding me I will knock you out. We do not need a spot light on ourselves. A nice gentle light upon or faces to give us a nice glow is it!

17. Do you pick up all the freebies you find or only pick the ones from designers you know?
I usually get the ones I know, unless I see a new one that gets my attention. Then I try it on and decide if I should keep or delete.

18. Pre-fab buildings: do you own one? Do you like them?
My house is a pre-fab and I love it. My store was built by Sven and I love that. I'm full of love.

19. Would you rather be a Furry or Tiny?
Furry, it's more fun and I don't have to worry about being stepped on.

20. Graphic settings: Short draw distance or long? Release Candidate or standard viewer? Avatar imposters (yes/no)?
Graphic Settings vary upon my current lag. I use the Release Candidate because standard crashes me every 5 minutes. No Avatar imposters. I don't like to look at creepy NES style avatars.

21. Sim design: tropical island, residential neighborhood, urban streets, or themed fantasy (or another type I didn’t think of)?
I love all themed sims. I try to visit every one that I find and wander about taking photos.

22. When not in a club or concert, do you stream music or turn it off?
Turn it off, mainly because it lags me.._.

23. Flickr: Woot? Ick? (add me as a contact so I can see your stuff!)
Woot for Flickr. I'm totally addicted and I added you (Thema) as a contact! Anyone else wanting to see my flickr click on the sidebar.

24. What’s your favorite place to explore or hang out (that isn’t a shopping area)?
I recently discovered Privateer Space. I'm to lazy to post a link here, but go look at my flickr, slurl is there.

25. Animation Overriders: Do you prefer to make your own or buy a set? And where’s the best place to go for them? (I’m actually shopping around for another, so this is a selfish question ;)
I have done both. My current AO is a modified Kunoichi Ao from BareRose. I have the stands from amerie's NAUGHTY in it and another set with a few from Lotta. Those are good if you are looking for a shyer type of stand.

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