Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Tahitian Getaway

With the unofficial start of summer being here in the States I figured it was time to get myself some swimwear.
I saw the new Tahitian Getaway from *ICING* had to snag myself one.
Who hasn't dreamed of a vacation on white sand beaches by the crystal blue waters....Huh whah oh yeah the bathing suit, sorry about that.
Back to the outfit. There is of course the bikini parts, but it also comes with a cute little cover up skirt, perfect for have a drink at the beach side bar.
Tahitian treats on me (it's a drink not anything dirty)!

Oh and can I just have a few seconds to gush over this hair from Calico?
Well I am going to take it whether you like it or not. I love this hair!
The flowers are beautiful and they are color change and texture change to match the Nightmare and Daymare sets from ~silentsparrow~. And if that weren't enough there is a clear texture option so you can wear the hair without flowers. It is such a versatile hair do that can go with almost any look you may want to throw together. Okay okay I will stop gushing now.

bathing suit set- Tahitian Getaway- *ICING*
hair- Epona- dark brown, Indian red roses- !!Calico Ingman creations!!
eyelashes- Bedroom lashes- Cake
skin- Vivant buff blossom 3 - Fleur

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