Friday, May 16, 2008

Pretty in.....paisley?

A few weeks ago I found myself wandering about in a cute Japanese sim. As usual my wallet started weeping pitifully. I think I was there on Sakura's suggestion to find hair, but that is not what I ended up walking away with.

I bought this cute dress at KANA-NA. Something about it just screamed you need me and never being one to deny the voices, I bought it. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that it came with peacock feather earings and a matching necklace.

Oh and while I am at it I thought I would show off this skin. It happens to be the beta tester for the new Entice skin from Nora. Last week or so Sezmra Svarog invited members of her subscribo group to beta test the skins. I was lucky enough to be able to get them to test out. This is a close-up of the face of the beta skin A.
Don't I look pretty? No nakie shots though cause well sometimes I can be shy like that, and no one really wants to see my pixelated no-no regions.I can't wait till these skins are released!

Dress-PaysLee dress-KANA-NA
Hair-Dora and Jennifer-Truth
Shoes-satin tied bow-gold--Shiny Things
skin- Nora Entice 3.0 Beta skin A (not availible but check out the other skins!)-Nora

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