Sunday, May 18, 2008


So everyone knows that MiaSnow Myriam of miaSophia makes some very distinctive skins, but have you checked out the clothes over there as well yet? I was over there the other night with Sakura, who looks fab in the skins expect a post about them from her at some point, so I decided to check out the clothes. So while Sakura was demoing skin I was buying a few pretties for myself. Here take a gander.
For those on a budget I suggest these star shirts. At 5L a piece they are too good to pass up.

Here I am showing off the green boy beater and ragged jeans. Normally I am all about the jeans with prim legs, but in the case of these I made an exception.

This is the Rainbow Renegade outfit in dark blue. It comes with the scarf and earmuffs. So cute!

So there you have it, a little sampling of the clothes that can be had at miaSopia. What are you waiting for? Stop reading and get over there. Oh you need an SLURL well then read the credits for that.

clothing-Red,green and blue shirts, green bot beater, ragged jeans and Rainbow Renegade in dark blue MiaSophia
shoes-wrapped stilettos in black Shiny Things
hair-Twila and Disturbed ETD
skin-Entice 3.0 Beta skin A (not available)-Nora

Don't forget to look for a post on the miaSophia skins coming soon by Sakura.

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