Thursday, May 8, 2008

Finding Refuge at the Sinistyle Sim

Tonight I ventured out to Refuge because there was a top I really wanted. Needless to say one purchase leads to another. Though in my defense it was for blog purposes so it really doesn't count. If you belive that then I have this lovely plot of land to sell you! Enough of my babble, onto the pretties!
Back to basics dress (sunshine)
Blue jeans and striped cami(candy)
Socialite skirt(dk blue)sheer v-neck(wine)
socialite skirt(dk blue) Underbust corset(green)
jeans melted heart shirt

Okay I admit not my best pictures, but hey you want a good look then get you ass over to the store!Oh and if you missed it the shop is located in the Sinistyle sim which is where all the pictures were taken. Oh and the reason for the witty title Right now onto the.....

Clothing-Back to Basics dress (sunshine) Socialite skirt (dk blue)
jeans Blue Denim pack striped cami(candy) Sheer V-Neck(wine)Floral underbust corset(green) Melted heart~~Refuge
Boots-Nemisis black~~Dark Eden
Hair-Davina II~~ETD
Skin-Amy teary eyed~~Dutch Touch

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