Saturday, May 24, 2008


The newest offering from Refuge makes me feel like a bad ass kitty! From the long flowing jacket to the gorgeous sculpted prims at the hands and feet, this outfit is full of perfect little details.

The Brood has some of the best shading and highlights I have ever seen on leather! The sculpted prim pieces flow so nicely from the normal prims and clothing layers you almost forget it's all virtual!

I am always on the hunt for good furry hair and it is rare to find anyone who makes hair to actually fit furries. HCT has just released several new hairstyles for furries. Some of these are furry sized version of hair currently in the shop however 2 of them are exclusive to the furry sized. The hair I'm wearing here is called Shivan and is featured here in black. The hair packs come in full color packs, 25 colors in all I believe, and sell for $199. The only complaint I had was there wasn't any demos. Luckly I just needed to adjust the hair down a little bit on my head a bit. If you know of any good places to buy furry hair or are a creator of furry hair, let me know!

Just in case anyone out there is curious about where I got my kitty furry, it is a custom. It uses parts from the Aventity White fox and the Lost Creatures White Kani. And no, I haven't a clue how to put them together like this, I had someone else do it for me. If you know where to get a cute kitty furry or are a creator, again let me know ^_^

Outfit: Refuge : Brood
Boots : Sinistyle Deception boot platform add on
Hair : +0.0+HcT= Shivan-furry hair - Black
Guns : Ctech Redemption Pistols mk4 compact
Furry Avatar: Custom. Combination of Lost Creatures Kani and Aventity Fox. Both can be found here.
Bust Shadow : Little Heaven Bustshadow_Ver.02 light


Thema Felix said...

Hell yeah. I bought the outfit yesterday and your post made me put it on today. I even had to buy the boots! Curses! haha...

Sakuradawn Lei said...

hehe I love those boots!